[ECOS] Workaround!? for building the Development Tools (ARM)

Patrick Otto pepperpino@web.de
Thu Nov 8 05:54:00 GMT 2001

Hi there
I forgot to post my workaround to get the whole things running:
Because I had problems building the Development Tools (ARM-edition).
I use w2000 + cygwin and the binutils-2.11.2, gcc-core-3.0.1, gcc-g++-3.0.1
and insight 5.0.
So i found the problem in the winnt.h file located in the folder

In row 42 you must change the existing code to following:
#ifndef void
#define VOID void
#ifndef char
#define CHAR char
#ifndef short
#define SHORT short
#ifndef long
#define LONG long

After that I could install all and now I even able to use Insight and build
the libraries, but as described in other message I have errors building the
Question: Is my workaround suitable? Or will there occur any problems with

mail: pepperpino@web.de

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