[ECOS] Help! Linker data section confusion (mine)

Roger Barraud rbarNOraud@ihSPAMug.co.nz
Fri Nov 2 02:00:00 GMT 2001

Hmmm... no reply...

Can someone please tell me whether the redboot.bin image out of the eCos config
tool is meant to be an absolute loadable image or not?

If so, why is my __ram_data_end == 0x14, when my __ram_data_start is 0x8000 ?
i.e. end < start !!?

Am I meant to relocate the image somehow? with objcopy perhaps? If so, what's
the magic incantation to get the data section located to 0x8000 correctly, with
a sensible, non-negative size???

I have too little hair left to be pulling any more out!!

Roger Barraud
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> Hi All,
> 	I'm trying to build an SA11x0 redboot/eCos port. So far so good,
> using the Linux configtool version 2.03 and basing our source changes on Intel
> Assabet platform.
> I have an image redboot.bin which is humongous - 1.3GB approx - which is the
> span of the addresses used in the program (rom base at 0x50000000). Is this
> normal? - or should the .bin build option strip it down to rom sections etc.?
> I have stripped the first 1280MB out and managed to execute the code from boot
> ROM (FLASH (JTAGing it in))... but the part in vectors.S where the 'data'
> section is copied from rom to ram fails - probably faults actually - as
> __ram_data_end is less (at 0x14) than __ram_data_start (0x8000).
> I've looked at the .ldi linker script fragments and the architecture .ld file
> (which defines things like SECTION_data)...  but I'm a little bewildered
> Should __ram_data_end be defined with an ABSOLUTE(.) rather than a '.' ?
> The BSS section seems similarly afflicted.
> What have I broken?
> Any pearls of wisdom would be appreciated :)
> Cheers
> Roger Barraud

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