[ECOS] __NETDEVTAB__ length is zero

Andrew Lunn andrew.lunn@ascom.ch
Thu Nov 1 13:29:00 GMT 2001

> > You'll need to provide a network driver structure for your controller.
> > Look at the driver provided for the Cirrus Logic EDB7xxx family of
> > processors for an example.
> >   .../devs/eth/arm/edb7xxx/
> Hi,
>     The controller we are using is cs8900.  We are directly using the driver
> code of ..../dev/eth/arm/edb7xx/, after putting in a proper directory
> structure and a few modifications to the addresses.  All the related cdl
> files are also identical.  Still the problem persists.

This should be putting an entry into the table. 

Make sure this is being compiled. You can also look at the symbols in
the object produced from this source. I use the ebsa driver with two
ethernet devices.....

arm-elf-objdump --syms devs_eth_arm_ebsa285_if_ebsa285.o | grep netdev
00000000 l    d  .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev0        00000000 
00000000 l    d  .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev1        00000000 
00000000 g     O .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev0        00000010 ebsa285_netdev0
00000000 g     O .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev1        00000010 ebsa285_netdev1

and the same for install/lib/extra.o

arm-elf-objdump --syms extras.o | grep netdev
000000f4 l    d  .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev0        00000000 
000001f8 l    d  .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev1        00000000 
000000f4 g     O .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev0        00000010 ebsa285_netdev0
000001f8 g     O .ecos.table.netdev.data.ebsa285_netdev1        00000010 ebsa285_netdev1


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