[ECOS] Anybody help me ! CVS MBX860 Ethernet NOT working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesper Skov jskov@cambridge.redhat.com
Thu May 31 00:08:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Ko <nhko@gctsemi.com> writes:

Dude, reposting your problems does not make the answer fall out of the
sky. If anyone had the answer handy, they'd probably have posted it by

Tony> hi.  I'm trying to port mbx860 ECOS supports Ethernet on my
Tony> custom mpc860 platform.  I made Ethernet supporting ECOS imgae
Tony> by downloading TCP/IP Stack on CVS.  (I downloaded MBX ECOS
Tony> Source from CVS too.)  But Ethernet on ECOS does not work.

Tony> For example, I made ping_test test program runs on ECOS.  And I
Tony> downloaded ping_test program on my mpc860 platform by GDB and
Tony> ran it.  But "Program received signal SIGTERM, Terminated. "
Tony> message was printed on GDB window.  I think It's from a kind of
Tony> TRAP interrupt.  Of course ping_test program seemed not to work.

Tony> I debugged source and I knew It happens when "ioctl( )" function
Tony> processes in "init_all_network_interfaces( )" function.

Tony> But there is NOT this kind of problem with ECOS-1.3.1 source.

Tony> So what's the problem at CVS source?

You have started debugging, apparently - follow the problem to the
source. No one better suited than you for that task, given that you
are using a custom platform...

FWIW I know Gary made some changes last week to the MBX ethernet
RedBoot support - I don't recall if that was RedBoot-only changes, or
fixes to the ethernet driver proper. You'd have to check his posting
and/or the ChangeLogs.


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