[ECOS] Error in installing RedBoot on EDB7211

Piteir piter197@yahoo.com
Wed May 30 21:53:00 GMT 2001


I try to install Redboot in my EDB7211-2 Rev B board
using it's download.exe sofware but always fail, and
also have try to download again the prebuild Redboot
binaries but still fail. I use these steps:
1. Turn Off board
2. Close BOOT_ENABLE jumper (JP2)
3. Turn On board
4. I type: download edb7211_redboot_ROM.bin
5. then press U_RESET and WAKE_UP button
6. Downloading and programming flash sucess.
7. I wait for a moment then I turn Off board.
8. Open BOOTL_ENABLE jumper (JP2)
9. Turn On board
10. Press U_RESET and WAKE_UP button
11. The debug LED on but nothing appears on my LCD

Please help me, what is the correct procedure and is
it possible that there is something wrong with my
download.exe program.


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