[ECOS] MBX ecos not working on my mpc860 platform.

Hugo Tyson hmt@redhat.com
Thu May 24 07:03:00 GMT 2001

"Tony Ko" <nhko@gctsemi.com> writes:
> I ported mbx redboot to my mpc860 platform ( this flatform is sligthly
> different mbx860 module ).
> and I downloaded mbx ecos image(actually elf format) through ethernet.
> I changed mbx ecos source a little bin( hardware dependent part )
> because this platform is different from mbx module.
> But the mbx ecos does not work on my platform.
> my test flow are below.
> on redboot window,
> RedBoot> load -rv -b 0x10000 /tftpboot/mbxecos (mbxecos is mbx ecos elf
> format image )
>  Raw file loaded 0x00010000-0x0003c200
>   =3D=3D> reset vector is loaded at 0x20000
> RedBoot> go 0x20000=20
> $O494E464F3A3C6379 ~
> this weird message is printed on debug window and ecos does not work.

This wierd message is eCos trying to talk to the GDB that it expects to
find on the serial line.   It's saying "INFO:<cy..." but in hexadecimal.

It will continue if you acknowledge the GDB protocol $O packet by typing
'+' once for every $O packet.

eCos is probably working correctly.

> what's the problem?

You need to either a) configure your application build so that it does not
use GDB protocol for diagnostic output, or b) load it into the board using
GDB, that way GDB will be there for it.

	- Huge

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