[ECOS] Building the Host tools on Windows

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Thu May 17 18:09:00 GMT 2001

Srdjan Sobajic wrote:
> I've encountered several "gotchas" in trying to build the host tools. I'll
> try
> to outline them below, and maybe you can give me your input on stuff that
> I'm
> doing wrong. I _have_ managed to compile all the tools finally, and they
> seem
> to work fine.

Good :-).

> Once I have understood what's really necessary here, I'll be
> more than willing to write up the README for this. (This is already written
> in
> a README style-- I don't mean to sound patronizing.)
> Here goes:
> 0. All of the following applies on a machine which has W2K, the latest
> Cygwin
> (1.3.1), latest (today's=5/16) eCos source from CVS, WinCVS 1.2, Tcl/Tk 8.3
> from Scriptics and VC6SP5.

I'm going to be checking in an update to anon CVS today or (more likely)
tomorrow which should improve some of the issues with the location of TCL.
Have a go at updating to that version and check it all still works for you!
> 1. When getting the eCos sources from CVS using WinCVS, it appears necessary
> to set the CRLF translation (in the Global Settings dialog) to UNIX mode for
> getting the eCos package subdirectory, and to DOS mode for getting the host
> subdirectory. If you check out the host tools under UNIX mode, VC can't open
> the .dsw. Effectively, you can't get the whole thing in one pass...

Things may be different with the command-line cvs client - or did you make
WinCVS use that?

> 2. To build the host tools, it's necessary to set the TCLHOME environment
> variable to the root of the TCL installation. The root of the TCL
> installation
> is the directory which _contains_ the lib, include, bin directories. This is
> best done in the System Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables Dialog
> in
> Windows. (TCLHOME = c:\tcl)
> 3. Since the .dsw as shipped assumes building to the V:\ drive, rather than
> changing all the settings, it is easier to do a "SUBST V:\ C:\temp" command
> from the Windows Command shell. This creates a virtual V:\ drive. C:\temp
> above should be changed to an exisiting path where the build will be stored.
> 4. In the VC Tools->Options->Directories tab, make sure the following are in
> the paths:
> Under "Executable files" -> c:\cygwin\bin (Or your proper location)
> Under "Include files" - c:\tcl\include,
>            c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk\include

Or c:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop\include

> Under "Library files" - c:\tcl\lib
>            c:\program files\microsoft platform sdk\lib

Or c:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop\lib

> (The Platform SDK is necessary (it seems!) for the htmlhelp.h header file
> and
> associated library.)

Or the HTML Help Workshop :-).

> Also, make sure you have installed VC6 with all the MFC options. On my
> machine, I needed mfc42u.lib, which is the Unicode version of MFC, and which
> may not be installed by default everywhere.

We always ship the ANSI build - for Win95/98/ME compatibility. We always
develop with the Unicode version to catch Unicode/ANSI conversion bugs
early. If you switch to the ANSI release configuration, you need mfc42.lib,
not mfc42u.lib, etc.

> 5. Depending on which version of TCL you have installed, you may need to
> change the Settings for the Configtool project. (The cdl project and
> ecosconfig project are build using GNU make + VC. The Configtool project is
> built using the VC6 default build processes.) To do this, right-click on
> "Configtool project" in the workspace window, and select Settings. Click on
> the Link tab, and look through the library list. If you have tcl82.lib
> installed (Tcl 8.2) then the default should be OK. If you have a different
> revision (which is located in $TCLHOME\lib), you should update the name
> here.
> (i.e. change to tcl83.lib)
> **PLEASE CHECK WHAT FOLLOWS-- I'm sure that this is not quite right***
> 6. The default compiler settings for building the Configtool project (just
> that project, not the workspace) are Level 4 warnings. This results in 1936
> warnings when building on my machine. I'd reccomend people to turn off
> warnings when building... (BTW I think most of them are benign, but...)

Most warnings result from STL header compilation. Most are benign, none are

> 7. In VC6, once the project has been loaded, look at the files in the "cdl"
> project. Specifically, open the settings (by right clicking) for the
> ChangeLog
> file. In the "Custom Build" tab, edit the command line (at the end) to point
> to the proper TCL installation directories. Specifically, it is necessary to
> set
> --with-tcl_version=83 --with-tcl-lib=/c/tcl/lib
> --with-tcl-header=/c/tcl/include
> ** NOTE Even after doing this, during the configure steps I see configure
> picking up tcl from /usr/lib.

This aspect should be fixed in the anon cvs update. The custom build step
shold be able to refer to the TCLHOME variable.

> If you start the build at this point everything should be OK, except:
> Actually, this is where I really did something bad... I got an error in the
> linking of ecosconfig.exe about tcl83.lib not being found. So I looked
> through
> the linker command line, saw which directories were being searched for for
> .libs, and just cut and pasted tcl83.lib into one of them. I'm sure that
> this
> is not quite what was intended, but it works.

Again, hopefully this will be fixed with the anon cvs update.
Hopefully with your help we can work to make sure others don't get the same
problems in future!

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