[ECOS] Watchdog Device

Doug Fraser dfraser@photuris.com
Thu May 17 04:08:00 GMT 2001

There is a watchdog in the mpc860, you just have to write
a service routine to keep it from barking. The problem with
the MPC8xx watchdog is that you get only one chance to set
it up at boot time. If you ever disable it, the only way to
re-enable it is through a hardware reset.

If it gets in the way of testing, then disable it in that
load, then remove the code that disables it in your non-test

The details are in the SYPCR register. In my MPC850 manual,
that is section 10.4.3 at page 10-8


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> > Is watchdog driver available for MBX evaluation
> > board(MBX starter kit-MPC860).
> There is no hardware watchdog driver. One is emulated by the 
> kernel using
> the standard clock however. Care to write one?
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