David Airlie David.Airlie@parthus.com
Mon May 14 08:35:00 GMT 2001

Hi all,
	I'm working on a stack from the 26th Feb, 2001, (it's been ported
to an internal board), I've noticed that my HAL routines such as
hal_IRQ_handler and friends don't investigate FIQ registers which I would
have to add, in another project we've used our own code on a separate FIQ
fine, but for this I need to get the eCos serial code to run from the

I'm hearing now from my group that I might be able to get away with
DSR'ing the long running interrupt and then using a soft FIFO between ISR
and DSR for the serial (v. small FIFO)... my long running interrupt is
fairly long... and run everyone from IRQ land ..

Thanks for your help,


> Actually, this should already work fine.  Are you working from anonCVS?  We
> made some significant changes in this area at the end of January, 2001.
> I am curious what was meant by the statement "but all eCos does is return if 
> the IRQ is active an allow eCos  to service it".  Can you [David] articulate?  
> maybe point at the code?

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