[ECOS] eCos for Atmel EB40 - Let's stick together!

Daniel.Andersson@combitechsystems.com Daniel.Andersson@combitechsystems.com
Mon May 14 04:45:00 GMT 2001


I have eCos up and running on my EB40 board. I used Carl's EB01 port and it
worked quite fine on the EB40 aswell. I had some problems with the serial
port but since i am not goint to use any of them i didn´t investigate it
further. However, the diag printout works and that´s what i need.


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> Subject: [ECOS] eCos for Atmel EB40 - Let's stick together!
> Hi all,
> I browsed the discussion forums and found out that some 
> people might have
> been working on a port for AT91R40807-equipped EB40 board. 
> Now I must get
> eCos working on that board, too. So, please tell us how far 
> you've got in
> this port. What are the difficulties in the process?
> Let's avoid doing the same work at many different places! 
> Thanks a lot,
> 	Harri

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