[ECOS] Watchdog Device

Pamulapati, Indrasena (CTS) pindrase@chn.cognizant.com
Sun May 13 21:42:00 GMT 2001

> Hi,
> I have a doubt regarding the use of the watchdog device.
> Can I program a watchdog device to interrupt my application after a
> particular delay i.e., can I use the Watchdog device as a delay mechanism
> instead of using the "delay" system clock provided by the OS.
> The reason for this is, I need a particular application of mine to go to
> the " wait " state for a time that is lower than the tick value I am
> using. And I dont want to reduce the value of the system tick. For
> example, if I am using a tick value of 10millisec I can make my
> application sleep for only an integral multiple of 10millisec. But I want
> my application to sleep for a time less than 10millisec, say for
> 10microsec.
> In this case I can not use the " delay " system call provided by eCos
> because it takes a parameter only in terms of ticks.
> Can anyone give me some idea about how to solve this particular problem.
> Can I solve using a Watchdog device.
> Note: I am using an i386 processor that has a timer clock of frequency
> 1.1987Mhz.
> Regards,
> Indrasena
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