[ECOS] SCC serial driver for MPC860

Gary Thomas gthomas@cambridge.redhat.com
Thu May 10 06:54:00 GMT 2001

On 10-May-2001 Christoph Csebits wrote:
> hi
> i am starting to write an SCC2 serial
> driver for my MPC860 based custom
> board.
> Is this the right way, copying
> the quicc_smc1 files to quicc_scc2
> and adjust the following functions:
> cyg_hal_plf_serial_init( )
> cyg_hal_plf_serial_putc( )
> cyg_hal_plf_serial_getc( )

You'll only need these if you want to use the SCC port for
diagnostic I/O (diag_printf, etc).  The "normal" serial drivers
do not use them.

> If there are existing SCC serial drivers,
> i would be very pleased to hear about it.
> regards, Christoph

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