[ECOS] Custom Device Driver

Andy Simpkins Andy.Simpkins@TardisMobile.com
Tue Mar 27 07:24:00 GMT 2001

I am integrating a GPS receiver into eCos, the problem is that the IP for
this is in the form of an ARM ADS library.  To overcome this problem I
simply call the appropriate routine in memory when one of the relevant
interrupts are received.  The calling function takes the form of an eCos
device driver.  Great everything works, eCos and the GPS engine.

The GPS engine currently flashes LEDs when a GPS event occurs.  What I am
now trying to do is get events generated by the GPS engine to be recognised
by eCos.  These events happen for example when there is position information

1. How would one go about incorporating this into a device driver?
2. How should I then pass this information out to interested threads?
3. I am guessing that the thread would treat this in much the same way as a
serial device but the data will be a single event code (probably one byte)?

Any ideas of how to approach this would be most helpful.


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