[ECOS] How to let i386 pc boot from Hdd

Roman Khvatov roman@lab.sun.mcst.ru
Mon Mar 26 06:32:00 GMT 2001


> Can you elaborate?  


> Like John, I am also encountering this problem.  I am 
> thinking of putting the application, data etc into the same harddisk and get it 
> to boot up and run.

This loaders use a compressed image of system to load, so a full pack consists of 4 programs -
2 loaders (MS-DOS and MBR mode), image packer (slightly modified example from LZO package) and
formatter (to put MBR mode loader in its place and setup file system on HDD, if need to).

All of this made with BC3.1 and TASM and use LZO library, so I don't know about availability of
this tool to build a programs :(

But sources will be available in any case :) (May be tomorrow)


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