[ECOS] How to let i386 pc boot from Hdd

Roman Khvatov roman@lab.sun.mcst.ru
Fri Mar 23 07:08:00 GMT 2001


> Hi,
> I'd like to let i386 pc boot from hard disk drive.
> I have an image of ecos application that can boot from floppy.
> Can I use this image to boot from hdd?

No. You have to modify the boot device parameters in boot procedure
(device number from 0 to 80h, sectors per track and head counters)
After this you can boot from one particular HDD, which parameters you
use to modify boot code.

If you need to boot not only from one HDD and use it for file system too
you need to rewrite boot procedure completly or use some external boot


PS. I've made 2 such utility - one for boot eCos application from MS-DOS,
and second to boot eCos application from MBR (application still must be
an MS-DOS file).

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