[ECOS] Problem with 'cc1plus'

Dan Brown dbrown@bruxton.com
Wed Jan 31 16:10:00 GMT 2001


Thank you very much for the help. The problem turned out to lie in a
direction you pointed me in - it was an operator malfunction. When I
built the compiler, I wrote LANGUAGES="c c", not LANGUAGES="c c++". This
means that I failed to build the C++ support. Now everything works.

-- Dan

[The following is edited]

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> Dan Brown wrote:
> >
> > During the build, an error occurs that arm-elf-gcc cannot find
> > 'cc1plus'. The executable in fact does not exist. The error occurs when
> > building startup.cxx, which has a line of C++ code in it. The compiles
> > of C code appear to work fine.
> Type "arm-elf-gcc -v". Is there a cc1plus file in the same directory as the
> specs file it lists there? If not, perhaps your compiler build didn't work
> for some reason, like not putting quotes in the make argument: LANGUAGES="c
> c++"

Dan Brown
Bruxton Corporation
206 782-8862

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