[ECOS] GDB with redboot

Tong Chi Wa cwtong@se.cuhk.edu.hk
Wed Jan 31 03:57:00 GMT 2001


  I'm working to get Redboot to work a SPARC based system
and so far I've been able to get the serial console and the
Ethernet chip to work.

  I'm now getting a problem in having GDB to work with the target
system over the Ethernet link. The host is able to make a 
connection with the target but is stucked when doing a memory
examine(x 0x0).

  What I observed:

1. The host GDB will get "remote packets too long" when
   connecting, over both serial and ethernet link. This should
   be from the register dump command.

2. On a serial link, the response time of the first memory dump
   is longer than the following memory dumps. Snooping on the
   serial link, I've found that there are two request packets
   sent from the host for the first memory dump. It looks like
   there is some kind of timeout mechanism on the host side.

3. On the ethernet link, host GDB will stuck in the first memory
   dump. I've checked that the target did respond to the 'm'
   GDB command and send out the response packet. The target
   still responds to ping packets so the target should not 
   miss any retry request packets from the host. Unlike the case
   with the serial link, there is only one request packet sent
   from the host.

  I'm not sure if this problem is on Redboot or GDB. Is there
something need to configured differently for GDB to work with
the eCos GDB stubs?

  My configuration:
    eCos cvs snapshot on 11/28/00
    insight 5.0 configured for sparclite-elf on a Win2k host

  Any advice on this?


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