[ECOS] network support

Lewin A.R.W. Edwards larwe@larwe.com
Tue Jan 30 06:43:00 GMT 2001

> >> > I'm using the distribution version (v1.3.1 release for eCos and
> >>
> >>incredibly old - in fact, I don't even think they have network support
> >>for the Cirrus Logic board in them (they date from March 2000 or so)!!
> >
> > They don't have any network support in them at all, I understood that was
> > in the net-1.0b1 archive. I have that installed, but haven't tried to do
>The net.epk file will add the basic networking, but I'm pretty sure that it
>does not add any/all of the drivers for the various architectures.

Well, when I added it (manually, it wouldn't work with the graphical 
configuration tool), I got a new package "Cirrus Logic ethernet driver", 
description "Ethernet driver for Cirrus EDB7xxx development boards".

> > now; I haven't yet been able to compile anything I ever downloaded 
> using CVS).
>Have you actually tried building eCos from anonCVS (or is this just your
>experience in general)?  Most of our users are using anonCVS and I know of
>no problems with it.

Well, it is my experience in general. When I was trying to get a working 
set of ARM tools to compile eCos, I tried getting all the latest - gcc as 
well as eCos - and failed miserably with all sorts of errors I didn't have 
time to analyze. I prefer to wait for someone to archive up his working 
source tree, call it a snapshot, and make it available for download. It 
also means I don't have to wrestle with the cvs client program.

The eCos version I'm running brings up the board OK, and that's good enough 
for the working demo I need to show next week. I've been working on 
optimizing my DOS and ISO9660 filesystems, and porting my JPEG and MPEG-1 
decoders, and that has kept me happily occupied.

The product I'm working on right now is the low-end version that doesn't 
use networking, so I don't see any reason to try to jump through blazing 
hoops to get the latest greatest eCos version downloaded and working. It 
will probably go to manufacturing with 1.3.1 in it.

The higher-end versions with Ethernet.. well, I'll cross that bridge when I 
come to it.

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