[ECOS] network support

Fano Ramparany Fano.Ramparany@rd.francetelecom.fr
Tue Jan 30 06:03:00 GMT 2001

Gary Thomas wrote:

> On 30-Jan-2001 Fano Ramparany wrote:
> > I then had a look at the configuration file.
> > Below is the part of the "ecc" file related the network
> > drivers. All variables related to the NET_DRIVERS are assigned
> > a 0 value.
> > In the (Windows NT) eCos Configuration Tool, the items Initialization
> > options for 'eth0', are greyed out, and thus can't be
> > modified.
> > Do you have any hint about what I'm doing wrong?
> >
> This is definitely your problem.  Did you create this configuration
> from scratch?  I just tried this, starting fresh, selecting the
> Cirrus Logic development board + "net" template - AT ONE TIME - and
> it came out perfectly.

I don't have the "net" package available as an option package in
the Build->Template... dialog box. Instead  I do
a Cirrus Logic development board + "all" template. Then I
do I Build->Packages.. and select the "Networking" package which
I "Add>>" to the configuration. This adds the Networking node in
the configuration tree (with thoses "initialization option for eth0"
subnodes greyed out).

May be the TCP/IP package installation was not properly made.
But what I did for this purpose was
Red Hat eCos -> Package Administration Tool
then click on "Add.." and select the "net-1.0b1.epk" from the
"Open eCos Package Files" file selector.
Is this OK?


>   Build->Templates->Hardware = Cirrus Logic Development Board
>                     Packages = net
> What sources are you building from?  If non anonCVS, then you might
> consider trying that.

I'm using the distribution version (v1.3.1 release for eCos and
v1.0b1 release for the TCP/IP stack).

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