[ECOS] Motorola MPC860, MPC8260 and AMD Elan SC400 support

Sune Sorensen sune@agens.dk
Tue Jan 30 02:42:00 GMT 2001

I've been reading this list for more than a half year now. I'm very
interested in eCos but unfortunately I've haven't had the time to get any
hands on experience.

Now I'm doing prestudy where I am to select a platform for an industrial
controller board with a lot of networking (TCP/IP over Ethernet). I'm
looking into running eCos on Motorola MPC860, MPC8260 or AMD Elan SC400
based boards. The time to market must be short, so a good reference design
and a HAL is mandatory.

Any comments on running eCos on the CMA286-60, the MPC8xxFADS and the MBX860
reference designs? If I'm correct, there's no support for MPC8260 and SC400
reference designs?

Any comments are appreciated.

Sune Sorensen, Agens ApS, Denmark

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