[ECOS] problem with TCP/IP stack

Gary Guangyu Pei pei@CS.UCLA.EDU
Fri Jan 26 10:47:00 GMT 2001

I encountered the following problem with TCP/IP stack:
It cannot run both UDP server and client together. If I run server only,
it can receive UDP packets from the other nodes. However, if I run both
client and server, the client can keep on sending out packets, the server
will stop receiving packets after it receives the first packet (or
sometime the first 2 packets) from a client. I use the gdb to trace the
program. I find the received packages travelling along the protocol stack
all way up to udp_usrreq.c. After calling the sorwakeup() at line 565, the
server thread never gets to run.

Does anyone know what might go wrong? Do you have similar experience?

The network priority is 7. I tried both 6,7,8 priority for the udp server.

Thank you very much, any suggestion is highly appreciated.


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