[ECOS] Problems with CEB-v850/SA1

Wolfram Kattanek wolfram.kattanek@imms.de
Fri Jan 26 08:12:00 GMT 2001

> As for your other problem, I have fixed that in local sources as it
> happens, but haven't checked it in yet. I've attached a known good GDB stub
> ROM. Use v850-elf-objcopy to copy it from ELF to other formats for
> programming (bin, srec).
> You will also need to make sure the attached v850.hex file is programmed
> into your chip internal flash. It may already be... I confess I'm not clear
> on what the V850s on Cosmo boards ships with.

Thanks for your help! (Nearly) everything works fine now. One of the left
problems deals with breakpoints inside gdb. We can set breakpoints but the
program doesn't stop. If we stop the program with the "stop" button inside
Insight the program stops but hangs if we step through the code after that.
Maybe this problem is related with the (probably missing) v850.hex code
inside the internal flash? What is the function of this code? Because we're
still waiting for a flasher tool for the v850 we couldn't program it yet.

Another question: Are there any other ports for the v850 architecture? There
is another V850 eval board called "startWARE Starterkit" from NEC which we're
interested in. Are there any ongoing (or completed) porting efforts towards
this board?

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