[ECOS] help - resolving configuration conflicts

Wilson Kwan wilson@kinesphere.com
Thu Jan 25 11:14:00 GMT 2001


I'm relatively new to eCos and am trying to build the hello.c example. My
target is a cirrus logic EP7211.

I have successfully rebuilt all the tools and libraries from cvs using
cygwin on Windows NT. When I tried to make the sample hello world program I
received a message

"error C library standard i/o must be enabled to build this example"

So I added the ISO C library standard input/output functions package to my
configuration. Now I keep getting conflicts in my configuration. One of them
looks like this:

CYGPKG_LIBC_STDIO  - Unsatisfied  - Requires
CYGBLD_ISO_STDIO_FILETYPES_HEADER == "<cyg/libc/stdio/stdio.h>"

If I look under Configuration->ISO C and POSIX infrastructure -> Standard
I/O-related functionality->Stdio file types implementation header it is

I somewhat confused as to how to go about resolving these conflicts. I have
looked through the User Guide and Reference manuals but have not been able
to figure out how to resolve these conflicts. Could anyone point me in the
right direction?

Wilson Kwan

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