[ECOS] cannot get insight to work

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Thu Jan 25 09:48:00 GMT 2001

"Koeller, T." wrote:
> Of course 'hello.exe' is there, I loaded it by its icon in the file
> selection dialog insight pops up in response to File-->Open... . Insight
> also displays 'hello.c' as the current file name, and 'main' as the current
> function name. And as to getting the latest sources, I built my entire
> cygwin environment, including insight, from sources I downloaded just a few
> days ago.

I meant specifically is it visible from cygwin in the place insight thinks
it is at. You didn't say what version of Insight you were using BTW (5.0 or
a snapshot). In any case, it may be better to take this up on the insight
mailing lists - see http://sources.redhat.com/insight

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