[ECOS] cannot get insight to work

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Wed Jan 24 11:14:00 GMT 2001

"Koeller, T." wrote:
> I wonder if someone can help me with the problem described below:
> I am building the sample application 'hello.c' on a Cygwin (Windows NT) host
> for a PC target. Everything appears to work, 'hello.exe' is generated
> without errors. I then boot the target system from a floppy containing a gdb
> stubs program I built before. Next, I start Insight (i386-elf-gdb) and set
> up the target serial port parameters. Up to this point, everything appears
> to work. Then I load my debug executable 'hello.exe'. This also does not
> give any errors, but no source code is displayed, even though the source
> file is in the same directory as the executable. If I then hit either 'Run'
> or 'Download', I get 'Request to download non-existent executable
> /ecos-example/hello.exe'. When I select 'hello.c' from the 'current file
> name' combo box, I get 'Error: couldn't stat "/ecos-example/hello.c": no
> such file or directory'.

Insight is a cygwin program. Can you do an:

ls -l /ecos-example/hello.exe

in a cygwin bash prompt? You should make sure you can :-). If you can, then
try updating to a snapshot version of Insight from

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