[ECOS] RedBoot: __eth_install_handler?

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Mon Jan 22 11:54:00 GMT 2001

In RedBoot's net.h file, there's a declaration for
__eth_install_handler(), which would seem from the declaration to
do exactly what I want to do: set a call-back to handle packets
with Ethernet protocol type <whatever>.

That functionality hasn't been implemented, so I'm about to
implement it.  

Were I doing this just for myself, I would probably just use
CYG_HAL_TABLE_xxxx to set up handlers at compile/link time and
not bother with run-time handler set up.  It's a bit simpler,
and you don't to guess ahead of time how many different handler
need to be allowed.  [I really like the HAL_TABLE mechanism:
it's quite clever, and it's something that I've needed on a
number of occasions.]

However, if people think run-time handler set-up is useful,
I'll go ahead and implement the existing API instead of using
the HAL_TABLE method.


Grant Edwards

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