[ECOS] Anyone use/port eCos to VRC4375

Ling Su lingsu@palmmicro.com
Fri Jan 19 10:36:00 GMT 2001

Hi, Dear All,

I recently received two DDB-VRC4375 development board from NEC, actually I
ordered VRC4373 instead of VRC4375. But I found those two boards are pretty
much similar to each other, except the system bus controller (North bridge).
More over, the board looks much newer than vrc4373, it is with a ATX power
supply, the north bridge chip has much lower power consumption. I doubt if
anyone has ever tried eCos on vrc4375, or anyone can estimate the efforts to
port eCos onto vrc4375 based on vrc4373 source codes. Any inputs and
suggestions are welcome!



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