[ECOS] Samsung S3C3410X JTAG via Jeeni or EmbeddedICE?

Edward, Yan-Chi, Lin yanchi@oak.com.tw
Thu Jan 18 19:03:00 GMT 2001


Are you using the 40100 eval board from meritech ?
If yes then the problem is the reset curcuit problem on the board.
The JTAG ice couldn't pull the nReset down to reset the CPU.
The simplest solution is to cut the reset line from the reset button.

Edward Lin

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Subject: [ECOS] Samsung S3C3410X JTAG via Jeeni or EmbeddedICE?

I just started playing with a custom board with a Samsung
S3C3410.  So far I haven't been able to establish a JTAG
connection from either an EPI Jeeni or an ARM EmbeddedICE.

Have any of the S3C3410 users who read this list been doing
JTAG debugging?

(Just wanted to make sure I'm not banging my head against the
wall trying to do something that can't work for some reason.)

Grant Edwards

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