[ECOS] RedBoot network "feature" additions

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Thu Jan 18 13:40:00 GMT 2001

I've got RedBoot running (w/ network) on a custom board. It's
very cool being able to telnet in to the boot-loader!  

Now, just to make life difficult, I need to add a couple
"features" in the name of backwards-compatibility:

 1) I need to listen for Ethernet packets with a particular
    Non-IP/ARP/ICMP proto number and handle those packets
    (possibly sending packets back with the same proto number).

 2) I need to listen for a connection on a second TCP port and
    handle commands that arrive on that port.

Getting both of these things working should be pretty straight

Q: Is there enough general interest in these types of
   extensions that I should come up with a general way of
   plugging stuff like that into RedBoot?

   I can hook the non-IP handling functionality to my Ethernet
   driver so that it's transparent to the main RedBoot code.
   But, if other people are interested in this type of
   functionality, perhaps a more generic way could be found to
   hook protocol handlers into the RedBoot network stack.

The TCP code in RedBoot appears to have been originally
designed to handle multiple sockets, but its RedBoot
incarnation has been modified so that it will only allow 1.

Q: Are there any known problems with listening on a second


Grant Edwards

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