[ECOS] USB Device support

Bart Veer bartv@redhat.com
Wed Jan 17 13:30:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Nick" == "Nick  <- eCos Developer" <n_ecos@STEVE.targus.net>> writes:

    Nick> I saw a few posts a while back from people working on
    Nick> drivers for the Phillips USB interface device, PDIUSBD12.
    Nick> Note that this is not a USB host controller. Has anyone got
    Nick> a working driver of any sort for this chip?

Recently I have been working on generic eCos support for USB slave
devices (not USB host controllers, that is a completely separate
problem). This involves several new eCos packages. There is a common
USB-slave package which will largely handle standard USB control
messages and the like. This needs to be complemented by a
hardware-specific device driver. There will also be a higher-level
support package for USB/ethernet style peripherals. This code should
get released via anoncvs in the coming weeks. The current device
driver is for the on-chip USB device in the Intel SA1110 processor,
not the PDIUSBD12.

I believe the Philips web site provides various bits of example code.
Another possible source of information is the Cirrus Logic web site:
IIRC one of their evaluation boards (EDB7212?) had a PDIUSBD12 chip
and came with example code, I do not remember the details.


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