[ECOS] eCos port to Samsung S3C3410X

Jeremy Lin chienyul@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 14:59:00 GMT 2001

>> Is anyone porting eCos to the Samsung S3C3410X chip based on the ARM7TDMI,
>> in particular for the Meritech eval. board SMDK 40100? If so, I would
>> appreciate some help in writing a flash programmer and porting a gdb stub to
>> this board.

>I'm using a port to the Samsung 32C5000 (older version of
>S3C3410x).  I'm currently working with a custom board, but I do
>have a HAL for the Samsung SNDS100 eval board that I'd like to
>contribute.  Unfortunately I'm still waiting for management to
>sign off on the copyright assignment.  I'll ask again to see
>what the status is.

>I don't have GDB stubs running, and my flash programming code
>is specific to my custom board, so I can't help much on the
>specific issues you mentioned.

>Grant Edwards

I'm porting to Samsung KS32C50100 on my custom board. 
Now I've got a running gdb-stub (Thanks, Grant, you answered
my porting questions before) but which is burned to on-board
eeprom in binary format. I don't have flash tools.
I'll try to contribute it too.

Jeremy Lin

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