[ECOS] Suitability of eCos

Stenberg Björn Bjorn.Stenberg@elema.siemens.se
Tue Jan 16 04:07:00 GMT 2001

> 	But my application requires tick duration as low as a
> 100microseconds. I need to address such low time resolutions.

Don't confuse tick resolution with timer resolution. Many hardware platforms
for embedded use have timers with very high resolution. Many systems need
high-resolution timing. That does not mean you have to, or even should, run
your OS tick at those resolutions.

If you need a high-resolution timer, use one. It will send you an interrupt
precisely when you want it to and you can then act on it immediately.
Implement proper queueing/buffering/whatever there so your application can
handle the high data load in a controlled manner.

If you set your OS tick to a very high rate, your system will spend more
time in the kernel and have less time to do the actual work, and you may
ultimately find yourself with a performance problem.

Björn Stenberg

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