[ECOS] Suitability of eCos

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We are using ecos for some time now. It works quite well.

a. in general the OS tick should be about 10 ms or so and should nto be
very fast. We did have a requirement to increase this to 1 ms. However I
think this si about the maximum it can go.We are using 40 Mhz Power pc.
I dotn know why any one need a very fast OS tick. The OS tick is
basically for resolution of time and scheduling only.

b. For us the decision for ecos was quite simple. We needed open source
platform that we can change. And the cost was also a factor.

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I am building an application that has to handle very high data rates in
range of a couple of tens of Million bits/sec and handle data frames of
durations as low as a millisecond.
This will require me to have OS clock as high as 10000 ticks/sec. The
thing is going to run in an embedded system with a real time operating
The problem I am facing is,

1. How do I decide which real time operating system I have to choose. 

2. I want to know the kind of applications for which eCos is most
    As most of u are building appications for various real time systems
there would have been some features of eCos that made it
particularly suitable for ur applications. Can u guys explain what
u to choose eCos as the rtos for ur applications.

Can u direct me to some resourses on the net that will help me in
the rtos that will be most suitable for applications of my kind.



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