[ECOS] about the location of package's header file

ylyuan ylyuan.@davform.com
Fri Jan 12 00:54:00 GMT 2001

Hi,from the document I know that includ_dir specify the desired location of a package's exported header files in the install tree. So from the cdl
 cdl_package CYGPKG_HAL_I386_PC {
    display  "i386 PC target"
    parent        CYGPKG_HAL_I386
    define_header hal_i386_pc.h
    include_dir   cyg/hal
    description   "
           The i386 PC Target HAL package provides the 
           support needed to run eCos binaries on an i386 PC."
I think the hal_i386_pc.h should locate in the include/cyg/hal,but in fact 
it in include/pkgconf.Why?
Thanks a lot!

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