[ECOS] Really dumb newbie question

Lewin A.R.W. Edwards larwe@larwe.com
Thu Jan 11 06:05:00 GMT 2001

>Lewin> OrCAD - 940,304 bytes, 06/30/98 07:33a WINDOWS\SYSTEM - 995,383
>Lewin> I can email you the WINDOWS\SYSTEM copy if you want.
>Probably wouldn't work as Tim's using NT4.

Well, a colleague has eCos's Windows host-end installed on an NT4 machine 
also, so I could give him the MFC42 from there. However I assumed that this 
file, or at least recent versions of it, cover both platforms, because I 
have programs that claim compatibility with both, and their install media 
have only one version of the file.

>Lewin> before attempting any editing, since the config tool crashes
>Lewin> very often (for me at least) when saving edits to an existing
>The config tool is more stable on NT than on
>Windows9x/ME/suffix-of-the-day but even on NT it tends to bomb (for me
>anyway) after saving the same config 5-10 times.

I haven't noticed a great deal of difference between NT4, 98SE and Win2k. 
If I had time (how many times do I say that every day) I would investigate 
further. I have a gut feeling that the problem is related to the way the 
tree control is coded.

How about recoding the config tool in Java? :)

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