[ECOS] Regarding to eCos on VRC4373

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Tue Jan 9 16:44:00 GMT 2001

Ling Su wrote:
> Hi, Dear All,
> After previous struggle, I can work with eCos on the VRC4373 board in Linux
> environment. Since some new members just joined the team, and not all of
> them love Linux platform that much, I need to figure out a way for them in
> WindowsNT/2000. Currently I have some questions, please refer following,
> <1>. After compiling egcs snapshot in Windows environment, during
> compilation, it also complains "xxx.h is shorter than expected...". What's
> wrong with that? How to eliminate them? It is really anonoying.

We would need more details of the error than that.
> <2>. We have some communication application developed on the board,
> unfortunately the eCos defaultly in Big Endian mode for VRC4373. Since
> communication application usually in Little Endian mode, I don't know the
> rational reason behind the Big Endian choice for this platform, and I also
> would like to know the possibility to compile eCos GDB stub and lib in
> Little Endian mode, can we do it smoothly or need any hacking on the source
> code?

You will probably need to make some adjustments in the platform code. But
I believe the architecture and variant HALs should work because we have a
v4300-based internal board that used to be little-endian if I remember

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