[ECOS] Thread states

Paleologos Spanos paleolog@ee.ucla.edu
Tue Jan 9 16:00:00 GMT 2001

 Hi,I have a question regarding the state of thread.

-When a thread finishes its work what is its state? the "EXITED"?
 The question is if the "exited" state is  showing that the thread has
finished execution or it is the state after having exit(with the exit
function) the thread?

-If I want to stop the execution of a thread and then start it again from
the beggining again(not from the point it stopped) which
are the appropriate functions? exit and then resume,or kill and then

-Will this thread be present on the wait_queue of the bitmap
scheduler?(assuming that we have the bitmap scheduler)

   Thank you for your interest in advance

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