[ECOS] RedBoot porting

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Mon Jan 8 03:04:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Lunn <andrew.lunn@ascom.ch> writes:

>> One way this could be accomplished is by providing a function (in
>> RAM application) that saves the virtual vector table, fills it with
>> pointers to NOP functions (in RAM) which count usage.

Andrew> Another simpler option is to make the ROM copy itself into RAM
Andrew> and run from there. Some of the HALs already support this for
Andrew> apps, but has it been tested for redboot? It also means you
Andrew> can then overwrite the redboot image in FLASH while its
Andrew> running the copy in RAM. With the app and the boot loader
Andrew> becoming closer tied together its becoming more important to
Andrew> be able to upgrade the bootloader in the field as well as the
Andrew> application.

This should work already for targets that support it. Adding the
support to new targets it relatively simple (only really requires PIC
startup code that initializes the system, copies everything to RAM and
jumps there). Remember, RedBoot _is_ just an application (as far as I
know, anyway).


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