[ECOS] Neponset + CF on Redboot

Srijon Biswas srijon@innvo.com
Thu Dec 27 20:36:00 GMT 2001

Gary Thomas wrote:
> > Yes, but it's only been tested with certain makes of card. We've tested
> > with the Socket CF LPE+, and someone else confirmed the PRETEC CompactLAN
> > card worked.
> A couple of questions:
>  * Do you actually have the Neponset board (SA1111)?  I'm not sure we've
>    tested it much with that in place.
>  * Does this 'won't go ready' happen all the time?  I've seen it happen
>    with some cards, but only after they've been initialized once (after
>    a reset)
> You could try adding some messages in the CF ethernet driver code to try
> and figure out what's happening and why it might be failing.  Of
> interest might be the CIS data which gets read by that driver.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

The card is Socket CF-LPE. I do have the Neponset attached, and the CF
card goes into the PCMCIA with a common CF to PCMCIA converter.

If it has not really been tested much (as opposed to it not working due
to some stupidity on my part :) ),
then I'll maybe try out adding messages to the driver code and testing.


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