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We have started using TFTP very recently, and so far have had good
success.  But, one limitation that will likely force us to switch to FTP
is the 16MB transfer limit.  If you're certain that you'll never need to
download something over 16MB, TFTP works great. 


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John Schwartz wrote:
> Group,
>         On our old embedded OS we used FTP to check our server to see
if it
> had a later version of firmware and then ,of course, download it and
> via FTP if it did.  I note from the documentation that eCos only
> TFTP (from what I've read not as reliable) and we would like to do a
> similiar thing.  Has anyone used TFTP for this purpose?  Have you had
> success or lots of problems?  I would appreciate any comments on the
> subject.

Andrew Lunn recently contributed an FTP client, in net/ftpclient. Have a
look at that.

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