[ECOS] ecos package configuration

Gary Thomas gthomas@redhat.com
Thu Dec 20 19:44:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, 2001-12-20 at 20:26, Nilesh Tarale wrote:
>  sir,
> 	I am a systems engineer at ENSOFT SYSTEMS
> nagpur(India).
> 	Currently we are working on ecos.
> 	We have installed eCos V1.3.1 from net.
> 	eCos is installed successfully on Linux system.
> 	We have added a package ECOSnet-1.0b1.epk.
> 	But few test cases are not running on it, it
>         is giving a compilation error at compile time.
> 	We have added the package by following commands..
> 	# tclsh ecosadmin.tcl add ECOSnet-1.0b1.epk from
> source repository.
> 	# ecosconfig add net &
> 	# ecosconfig add net_driver from ecow-work (from
> build tree).
> 	# ecosconfig tree
> 	# make test
> 	we are getting a complilation errors for following
> files.
> 		server_test.c ,	nc_test_master.c, nc_test_slave.c,
> socket_test.c, tcp_sink.c
> 		tcp_echo.c and tcp_source.c
> .
> 	Even after that, we were tried to compile the
> server_test.c file by following command..
> 	# gcc -g
> -I/usr/local/ecos-v1_3_1/ecos-work/install/include
> server_test.c
> -L/usr/local/ecos-v1_3_1/ecos-work/install/lib
> -Ttarget.ld -nostdlib
> 	we are getting compilationo errors for above file.
> 	I'll be pleased if you guide me in adding a 
> package in eCos..

First of all, don't use 1.3.1, especially for network based programs.
It is simply too old and the networking code was very early (only about
2 months old) when 1.3.1 came out.  Use anonymous CVS instead.

As for how to build tests and programs, you've done basically the
correct steps above.  For the TCP/IP tests, you'll need to enable the
option 'CYGPKG_NET_BUILD_TESTS'.  If this is enabled, then 'make tests'
will build them properly.  Watch how the makefile does it - all of the
necessary "magic" will be there.

Finally, your example says "gcc -g ...".  You can't use the native tools
to build eCos programs (with the exception of the synthetic Linux target
and for that you'd absolutely need anonymous CVS).  As stated above, let
the makefile guide you - it knows the answers.

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