[ECOS] ecos package configuration

Nilesh Tarale ntatensoft@yahoo.com
Thu Dec 20 19:27:00 GMT 2001


	I am a systems engineer at ENSOFT SYSTEMS
	Currently we are working on ecos.
	We have installed eCos V1.3.1 from net.
	eCos is installed successfully on Linux system.
	We have added a package ECOSnet-1.0b1.epk.
	But few test cases are not running on it, it
        is giving a compilation error at compile time.
	We have added the package by following commands..

	# tclsh ecosadmin.tcl add ECOSnet-1.0b1.epk from
source repository.
	# ecosconfig add net &
	# ecosconfig add net_driver from ecow-work (from
build tree).
	# ecosconfig tree
	# make test
	we are getting a complilation errors for following
		server_test.c ,	nc_test_master.c, nc_test_slave.c,
socket_test.c, tcp_sink.c
		tcp_echo.c and tcp_source.c
	Even after that, we were tried to compile the
server_test.c file by following command..
	# gcc -g
-Ttarget.ld -nostdlib
	we are getting compilationo errors for above file.

	I'll be pleased if you guide me in adding a 
package in eCos..

	Thanks in anticipation,

	Nilesh Tarale
	(Ensoft Systems)

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