[ECOS] no response from ping

Trenton D. Adams tadams@theone.dnsalias.com
Tue Dec 18 09:24:00 GMT 2001

Actually, I'm not sure that I've seen a ping returned at all.  I think
they've all been arp replies.  I just tested it just now, and they were
all arp replies.

I have another problem as well.  The responses are an extremely long
time later.  The pings don't even reach the target a lot of the time
because the ARPs get in the way.  It's almost as if shutting off
interrupts prevents the pings from getting through because the wavelan
card is too slow.

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> > What would cause my network driver card not to respond to a 
> ping?  Where
> > should I start looking for this?  Sometimes it responds, 
> and other times
> > it doesn't.  Of course I can't see the response on my PC, but the
> > packets are dumped in eCos.
> So you see the ping packets arrive on the target, but don't 
> see a reply on
> the host? The thing to check is whether the target is trying to send
> anything at all. Firstly use a packet sniffer to see if the target is
> sending something, but invalid. Secondly debug the net stack 
> (over serial!)
> to see if it attempts to transmit a reponse.
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