[ECOS] ecos platform porting

Christoph Csebits christoph.csebits@frequentis.com
Mon Dec 17 00:03:00 GMT 2001


On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 07:56:08PM +0800, Liu Wensheng wrote:
> Hi,
> i want to port ecos to a MPC860 board, but it is not in the list of 
> boards supported by eCos, i want to know what work i have to do,
> how much workload will be? and will i have to change a lot of
> source code? 
> if anyone have such experience, and tell me something, i will be
> grateful.

first start reading the docs at
http://sources.redhat.com/ecos/docs-latest especially 

Memorize the "MPC860 PowerQUICC User's Manual" as well as
"The Programming Environments for 32-Bit Microprocessors"
(Green Book). :-)

You need some functionality to upload code to your board
and start it.  (load-go bootstrapper in Flash, JTAG loader, ...)

Use the CVS version (snapshot at
ftp://ftp.skynet.ie/cvs/ecos-latest.tar.gz )

copy an existing port (MBX would the right for you) with
renaming the files accordingly. 

adjust the memory layout for matching your board in

After having done the linking stuff right, the core should
starting execution at the entry point _start in
arch/current/src/vectors.S. An On-Chip-Debugger would be
useful, at least some leds would also help.

rewrite the hal_hardware_init macro in myboard/current/src/myboard.S
(memory initialization, Base/Option Registers, ...)

disable cache/MMU at the beginning
write a diagnostic serial device driver (quicc/current/src/quicc_smc1.c)
write a flash driver (if needed)
write a ethernet driver (if needed)

It is recommended that you do not changing the existing code.
Copy the parts you have to change (create new packages). Its
easier when updating to a newer version of eCos.

I did first porting RedBoot to my platform. After having this 
done you have an working HAL for your platform, and the step
for running eCos applications should be a small one.

These are not the complete steps to get it working - only that
i remember on monday morning, but it will give an overview what
to do.

good luck

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