[ECOS] Why this ps/2 mouse driver doesn't work

Q. jason ecos_fan@email.com
Sun Dec 16 19:47:00 GMT 2001

Hi,every one.
Recently I wrote a ps/2 mouse driver for ecos.
I had learned that Ps/w mouse can only use IRQ12, so i assign 44 as its vector(12+32), but my mouse driver didn't respond to interrupt(my mouse can work correctly under Microsoft Windows). 
I have wrote a little auxiliary program to enable me directly writing characters to scteen. And if I placed it in the serial driver's DSR, whenever there was a interrupt, it could print a character(for example: a 'D').
But when I placed it in my mouse driver's DSR, it can print nothing.
Who can tell me, what's happened to my mouse driver and what can I do?
Thanks everyone who read my message!

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