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Neil Grooby NGrooby@bytecraft.com.au
Thu Dec 13 20:04:00 GMT 2001


Thanks for the quick response.

Follow up questions:
1.	Can the JTAG interface be configured to automatically cause a reset
before a Run ?
2.	Does the Jenni support Windows NT 4.0 and Insight 5.0 out of the box

On a side issue, have you any idea about the ethernet support for the
Evaluator 7T ? Last discussions was "real soon now", but if it is not for
another couple of months, we might need to do it ourselves. We are using all
the components that Grant used (ie the LXT chip), but we are still at a loss
as to how it all goes together.


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> Neil Grooby wrote:
> > 
> > We are using Insight built as per the instructions on the ECOS sight.
> > 
> > Using the Arm Evaluator Board we are having lockups using Insight Via a
> > serial link under Windows NT4.0. This generally is when we attempt to
> re-run
> > some code.
> > 
> > Two questions:
> > 1.      Does anyone know if the GNU Pro tool chain exhibits this problem
> ?
> Nope. Haven't seen this. When you say "rerun", what steps are you taking?
> Are you remembering to download the program again? Also remember that
> unless you do a hard reset or there's a special soft reset function on
> your
> board, not every bit of state will be reinitialized when a reset happens.
> So if, for example, your program configures a peripheral in a certain way,
> it may remain that way after the reset, even with a different program.
> > 2.      Does Insight work better via a JTAG rather than serial interface
> ?
> > Any comments on appropriate JTAG modules would also be helpful.
> I know the EPI Jeeni is both popular and useful. There's no thread
> debugging though, be warned.
> Jifl
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