[ECOS] Question about GDB debugger output message? and minimum package requirment for TCP/IP stack? Thanks

HuangQiang jameshq@liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Dec 12 01:45:00 GMT 2001

Dear all:
    When I tried to run my program with the arm-elf-gdb command

load --> continue --> output message:

PANIC: mbinit

What does that mean? Is that mean something wrong with the program being

BTW is there any way to find out what is the minimum packages requirment by
TCP/IP stack?

Is it possible to find out from the net CDL file:

     requires      CYGPKG_IO
    requires      CYGPKG_ISOINFRA
    requires      CYGINT_ISO_C_TIME_TYPES
    requires      CYGINT_ISO_STRERROR
    requires      CYGINT_ISO_ERRNO
    requires      CYGINT_ISO_ERRNO_CODES
    requires      CYGINT_ISO_MALLOC
    description   "Basic networking support, including TCP/IP."

    cdl_interface     CYGPKG_NET_DRIVER_FRAMEWORK {
        display   "Suitable driver framework interface, used by network
        description "
          In order to decouple the network stack from driver specifics, the
          driver framework must be defined in a separate package."

    # Export our types to <sys/types.h>
    implements    CYGINT_ISO_BSDTYPES
    requires      { CYGBLD_ISO_BSDTYPES_HEADER == "<sys/bsdtypes.h>" }
    implements    CYGINT_ISO_NETDB_PROTO
    implements    CYGINT_ISO_NETDB_SERV
    requires      { CYGBLD_ISO_NETDB_PROTO_HEADER == "<net/netdb.h>" }
    requires      { CYGBLD_ISO_NETDB_SERV_HEADER == "<net/netdb.h>" }

Thank you for your help.



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