[ECOS] GCC complie error for eCos Linux synthetic

Bart Veer bartv@redhat.com
Tue Dec 11 06:37:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "siumama" == siumama great <siumama2000@hotmail.com> writes:

    siumama> Hi,
    siumama>      I have a problem installing the eCos Linux synthetic into a RedHat7.2 .
    siumama>   The GCC failed dring compling, these error was returned during
    siumama>   compliation :
    siumama>   make[1]: *** [choose-temp.o] Error 1
    siumama>   make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/build/gcc/libiberty'
    siumama>   make: *** [all-libiberty] Error 2
    siumama>   make: Leaving directory `/tmp/build/gcc'

    siumama>   Does anyone know why is that?

I have not had a chance to upgrade to 7.2 yet, so I am afraid I cannot
help with that aspect.

However, there is no longer any need to build special tools for
synthetic target Linux development. When I updated the synthetic
target support earlier this year I arranged things such that the
configury will use your existing gcc, binutils, etc. installations as
provided by the Linux distribution. That code has been available in
the anoncvs tree since June. It is only necessary to build special
tools if you are cross-compiling synthetic target applications on some
non-Linux host - unlikely but permitted.

In other words, make sure you are using the current eCos sources from
anoncvs. Then skip any instructions that tell you about building
special tools, and just start work with eCos.


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