[ECOS] Atmel EB40 port on EB01 using JTAG

llandre@libero.it llandre@libero.it
Mon Dec 10 00:53:00 GMT 2001

After some tests I succeeded to run  a simple application on EB01 based 
on the port for EB40 without any modifications. I use the JTAG 
interface to download and control the application.
My configuration is:
- Host: Windows 2k SP2
- ConfigurationTool 1.3.net
- GCC e binutils built as described in eCos web site
- Insight downloaded from www.ocdemon.com (this version supports 
Macgraigor Wiggler and Raven)
- patch for Insight downloaded from here:
- Macgraigor Wiggler as JTAG dongle (http://www.macraigor.com/)

I still have some problems to solve:
1) the printf function crashes the system
2) I can't set the breakpoints graphically (double-click); I have to set
them manually in the console.

I hope this could give some help to the people that are working with 
EB01 like me.


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