[ECOS] .mlt and related files question

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Sun Dec 9 14:20:00 GMT 2001

Dmitry Ryzhkov wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can anybody tell me where I can find the description of .mlt file?

In the sources of the memory layout tool ;-). Really, it isn't something
that's documented because it's not intended to be editted.

> And how
> does it relates to mlt_XXX_XXX_rom(ram).h? Is that possible to avoid manual
> editing of .h file and edit only .mlt?

> it doesn't work because CYGMEM_SECTION_heap1_SIZE has to be calculated using
> 0x4000000 for this board instead of 0x1f00000 because heap has to be
> allocated in RAM. So that when I'm redefining this it works OK. At the same
> time comment on top says "do not edit".
> The question is: who generates this file and what is the source data for
> generation? I presume source is .mlt file. So, right way would be to correct
> .mlt and then regenerate .h and .ldi instead of manual editing. Could you
> please tell me how to do this and where description of .mlt file format
> could be found?

A .mlt file is the save file of the Memory Layout Tool. The MLT uses the
.mlt file to *generate* a .ldi and .h file. You can only generate those if
you have the MLT, so if you don't, there's no point editting the .mlt file!
Or if you do have the MLT, then that's what you use to edit the file :).

might at least help a little.
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